Monday, October 6, 2008

Semaine No1 (hey, that word looks like the name of my street in NY!)

Well, it has been about a week. The days are still pretty leisurely...not that I'm complaining! There's nothing wrong with taking a little vacation. I wrote to the officer of fellowships at Vassar today to confirm the length of my first report. I had the idea that it was about five pages, which is's just that the report is due in November and most people start their projects in September. For me, classes didn't start until this week, and I thought perhaps my report would be less informative than some others'. Anyway, the response: 1-2 pages, "reflective" in nature. This is truly the best gig ever.

So I got on a bus and went blindly to find my internship contact, with whom I had been emailing but who had mysteriously stopped contacting me. Luckily I noticed some people reading scripts on the bus so I followed them to the theater. The area is full of former munitions factory buildings since there is a chateau there, and the theaters are all in these little houses situated around a field. I've never seen theaters configured this way before, but it makes a nice little community. Luckily, I found the director and she let me sit in on what I assume was one of her routine 3-hour Thursday afternoon lunches. She is the only one who works every day; everyone else comes in once or twice a week. Some other very artsy-types arrived, and the conversation turned to strange men who had stopped them on the street and told them how lovely they were. Then I got a tour of the little black box theater and even littler tech room, and went on my way with an appointment to start the following Wednesday.

Otherwise, I've done several ex-pat outings including scoping out Nuit Blanche: literally "white night," but the phrase means a sleepless night. Museums stay open late and art exhibitions are displayed around the city. The Metro runs until about 2am (but that doesn't mean there aren't HUGE crowds until the very last minute). We saw a bit a Bollywood movie being shot, but unfortunately shootings aren't very interesting to watch, and even less so when it's raining. (See the clip below.) Then the next night I attended a dinner the next night which has spawned a book/film club! I've already seen the film and read the book, but that's ok!

My first classes at Paris 8 are Friday, and a possible babysitting job is in the works. I also hope to continue my English conversation hour with the possibility of tartare and more tartare to come!

Approaching highlights:
*French movie entitled Being W. The poster pictures George in a Napoleon-esque outfit and throne; he's saying (in English) "God bless me!"

*Haircut at a place called SpaceHair Cosmic: funky or foolhardy? We shall see!

*First play of the trip! And it's by Terrence McNally!
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